The curtain opens on the apartment of an elegant, but most eccentric gentleman.

The gentleman’s servant carries himself with the stiff back of an English butler – but this feat is somewhat less impressive, considering that the servant in question is mechanical.

Around the apartment dizzily wheels a mechanical dog of sorts, with a phonograph precariously perched where the head should be.
A stylish mechanical danseuse shifts sensually around the room, troubling the already somewhat addled mind of our gentleman. We have entered an alternate universe, on that’s at once poetic and decadent.

Our hero has chosen to live apart from the society of men and women, in a gilded, automatized jail. He does not seem to be able to relate to his fellow creatures, and this apartment is his solution. He’s fearful, and has installed security alarms everywhere. He’s also lonesome, and has built these sophisticated machines to keep him company.
However, a big day is fast approaching. “She” is coming for a visit… “She” is his last chance to joint our world, his last connection with beings of flesh and blood.

Will he be willing to give it all up for her?

Conception et mise en scène :
Christian Denisart

Jeu :
Laurence Iseli
Branch Worsham

Scénographie et création lumières :
Gilbert Maire

Chorégraphie :
Corrine Rochet
Nicholas Pettit

Direction Musicale :
Lee Maddeford

Costumes :
Cécile Collet

Recherche robotique :
Roland Siegwart

Design :
Luc Bergeron

Developpement, programmation et fabrication robots :

Création de la Dansseuse :
François Junod

Ingénierie :

Carrosserie :
Les Hunaudières

Régie robots :
Olivier Renault


En partenariat avec :
Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL)
Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL)

Co-production :
Théâtre Barnabé

Soutenu par :
Loterie Romande
Fondation Sandoz
Fondation Leenards
Ville de Lausanne
Creatives SA<